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Since you made it to this page, you obviously care about your  health and the effects chemicals will have upon it. We’ve all heard the skin is our largest organ but did you know it weighs more than any single internal organ, accounting for about 15 percent of body weight! For the average adult human, the skin has a surface area of between 8-10.8 sq.ft. That is a mighty big sponge!

To give an example of how much your skin absorbs,  the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health studied rates of skin absorption of contaminants in public drinking water. The study found that the skin absorbed an average of 64% of the total contaminant dosage.

These facts remind us to pay attention to the chemicals we use in and around our bodies.
At Tangie, we know there are better ways to clean…. WITHOUT petroleum based chemicals! Please take a quick minute to read below what Tangie does and how we try to help heal this beautiful planet…one load of laundry at a time.

It starts with the inside of the bottle. We choose ingredients that have been used in cleaning homes and bodies for centuries with great success. That’s why, early on, when we made cleaners just for us at home; friends and family would ask to try them and they ALWAYS asked for more!

So, after much thought, several years and many, MANY meetings with our free business mentors at SCORE.org (part of the Florida Small Business Association)…yes, did I mention they are FREE!!…. we developed a real business plan to bring these great products to the public. We keep growing our business with the help of the business counselors at the Small Business Development Center and the Business Opportunity Center; both in Eustis, FL.
And yes, they are free also :)

Because safety is the #1 priority! Combining the strength of natural ingredients with the benefits of high grade organic essential oils, we have produced effective, safe household cleaning products that compete with, and usually beat, most traditional chemical based cleaners.
A recent study by the non-profit Environmental Working Group showed that many products, more than half of all baby soaps –contained a carcinogenic chemical. YOU DESERVE BETTER!

Our commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond the use of safe ingredients. Each Tangie bottle asks of it’s new owner to “please recycle or Reuse” the bottle.
Do you know of a clever way to reuse a Tangie bottle?
If so, please send us your video, verbal, pictures, etc….and we will happily share it. WHY? Because we believe that AWARENESS GROWS THROUGH SHARING!

Laundry soap is our flagship product. Since every one of us “wears” laundry soap everyday, draping it in the form of clothes over our entire body, we feel pure ingredients is imperative! EVERY ingredient in our laundry soap is effective and safe for you and your clothes.
These quality ingredients are also budget-friendly. Tangie Laundry Soap naturally softens clothes and reduces fading. By eliminating the need for a separate fabric softener it naturally saves you money. It is tough on dirt and odor yet safe enough for baby clothes, High Efficiency & Front Load washer machines, septic tanks and gray water systems. We offer laundry soap in liquid and in a concentrated paste form.

More LOVE from Tangie in the form of….:

This may sound like other “green” products you have seen, but your nose will know. The perfect scent you get and disinfecting properties that come from our dedicated use of quality high grade essential oils makes all the difference.

Tangie LLC is a Green America certified, women-owned business. Located in beautiful central Floirida. Founding this company with active experience in the world of eco-friendly living to provide safe, affordable products. Why? Because….

Remember, we should ALWAYS feel confident when cleaning our homes, after all it’s our sanctuary. But more importantly, it’s about loving ourselves enough to use safer products!

Angie Ringler

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