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Why do you include a wooden disc in with the shaving cream bar?

The wooden disc is a drying disc for the soap. The soap will last longer if dried properly… giving you more bang for your buck! So, set the shave soap bar on the drying disc (or any other soap dish) whenever possible.

How can I dilute the laundry paste quicker?

The laundry paste will dilute in water overnight but sometimes we need to get laundry done right now! I recommend you dilute a small amount in hot water. Make it easier by putting it all into a lidded jar and shake to accelerate the dilution.

My towels smell musty, what can I do?

Towels sometimes need an extra ounce of liquid laundry soap. Towels get the pleasure of sitting around for days, usually damp, bunched up on the floor or in the dirty clothes basket. I find an extra half to one ounce of laundry soap works well to leave your towels smelling clean and fresh. TIP: Try washing towels in small loads for best results.
STILL NOT FRESH? It’s probably time to clean your washing machine. If you have never cleaned your machine, you might be VERY surprised at the gunk that builds up inside.
Check out this video by a washer repair man….
Check out this video by a curious husband with a stinky washer… Fortunately Tangie laundry soap is free of phosphates and animal by-products.
There are many ways to clean your washer machine. Check the manufactures instructions first.

How much laundry soap do I use?

For a regular load of clothes use half an ounce to one ounce of liquid laundry soap. When the clothes are real stinky or heavily soiled, use one ounce to two ounces per load.
TIP: do not overfill the machine with too many clothes. Give them room to move around and let the dirt out.

How do I measure out an ounce of laundry soap?

May we suggest using a shot glass, plastic scoop from protein powders, or the measuring cap from your old brand X laundry container.


Tips for better laundry.

  1. Always SHAKE BOTTLES FIRST. Ingredients naturally settle.
  2. Use dryer balls. Old tennis balls work the best!
  3. NEVER USE DRYER SHEETS. They are toxic, Google it.
  4. Want scent in your clothes? Blend your favorite essential oil with some water in a misting bottle and mist your clothes before putting them on. Try it on your sheets before bed, you’ll love it!
  5. Treat stains with a little laundry detergent as soon as the stain happens.
  6. Heavily oiled or super smelly clothes will need at least 1 ounce of detergent. If that does not work, try two ounces, but that should be plenty!
  7. Wanted scented laundry detergent? Add a few drops of your favorite high grade essential oil. The aroma with NOT be in your fabrics when laundering is complete, but the soap will smell good when you open the bottle. Do not use fragrance oil.

Is your company certified by any third party organizations?

green-america-certified-business-seal-GREENGreat question, thank you for asking. Yes. I am very proud to say that Tangie is certified by Green America and Leaping Bunny. Some may not be familiar with Leaping They certify that my company and all the company’s I source ingredients from, do no animal testing. They actually made me get signed letters from our suppliers! When I see a company is Leaping Bunny certified, I know that it really means something, not just a “paid-for-logo”.

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