Organic, Refillable Laundry Soap

Tangie Laundry Paste is world’s best refillable laundry soap. This “No Borax” laundry paste is easy to dilute in your own container using water from your own tap to make effective liquid laundry soap. Great ingredients, just more concentrated! Dilute the amount you need making a small amount or the entire gallon. You have control of the amount you make of this refillable laundry soap depending on your needs. All in compostable packaging!

The best advantage to Tangie’s Laundry Paste, second only to quality natural ingredients; is the reduction of plastic bottle waste. No tossing out big, sturdy jugs of empty laundry soap bottles. Keep refilling the one you have now or get something that works great in your space!
Your order includes:
1. Printed instruction card for dilution and use.
2. Sticker for your container to identify laundry soap inside and usage.
3. Laundry paste stick – 5.5 ounces

Benefits of Tangie Laundry Paste Concentrate:

  • Dilutes to make ONE GALLON of liquid laundry soap
  • Low Suds Formulated
  • Safe for Infant Wear
  • Safe for High Efficiency Washers
  • Safe for Septic Tanks
  • Biodegradable Ingredients
  • Fragrance-Fee
  • Leaping Bunny Approved (
  • Naturally softens as it removes dirt and grime
  • Great for delicate clothes, heavy duty washing and regular loads
  • NO phosphates, NO dyes, NO optical brighteners (safe on military uniforms)
  • Skip the dryer sheets, the softener is naturally built it
  • Use 4 – 5 dyer balls (or dead tennis balls) in the dryer


Tangie Laundry Paste Concentrate:

Dilutes making ONE GALLON of liquid laundry soap.
Dilute a little or dilute it all…make only what you need.

Naturally softens as it removes dirt and grime. Great for delicate clothes, heavy duty washing and regular loads.
Great for traveling! Dilute only the amount you need.
1/2 ounce per regular load.
1 – 2 ounces for heavily soiled or really stinky clothes.



handmade plant based soaps, soap nuts liquid (extracted using solar ovens), yucca powder (washing), baking soda (freshening), oxalic acid (stain lifting & whitening), sodium percarbonate (stain lifting), salt (fabric softening), & LOVE!

WE DONATE: For every sale, we donate our natural cleaning products to one of the four current non-profits we support.

  • Our refillable laundry soap is 100% NATURAL.  Safe for your family, the environment, colorful clothes, dedicates, septic & grey-water systems.
  • Tangie is Leaping Bunny approved which means we NEVER test on animals; nor source ingredients from any company that does animal testing.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Made in the USA!

Laundry soap is our flagship product. Since every one of us “wears” laundry soap every day, draping it in the form of clothes over our entire body, we feel pure ingredients is imperative! EVERY ingredient in our laundry soap is effective and safe for you and your clothes.

These quality ingredients are also budget-friendly. This refillable Laundry Soap naturally softens clothes and reduces fading. By eliminating the need for a separate fabric softener it naturally saves you money. It is tough on dirt and odor yet safe enough for baby clothes. Great in both High Efficiency & Front Load washer machines.

All our products are Earth-friendly and made with love!
Handmade and bottled by Tangie LLC in Florida.


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