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“Wow, I am so impressed with I Love Tangie’s new stain stick! After church I was fixing breakfast for my family when I splattered grease on my beautiful new dress. I immediately took it off and treated it with a brand name spray remover and washed it. Only to discover that my dress was still stained, I felt my heart sink. Then I remembered that I had the received the new stain stick from I love Tangie as a gift. My first thought was this will not work, I already washed the dress and I am sure it has set in, but figuring what do I have to lose? I used the stick and treated the dress. The dress came out looking new! Not one grease splatter on it! Bye bye forever toxic products, there is something not only healthier but better! Thank you Angie Tremblay Ringler. I too now love, ilovetangie.com

~ Claudia, Florida (2014) ~

Just wanted to let you know, your stain stick does wonders on virtually impervious freshly squeezed carrot juice! I splashed carrot juice on a favorite bright green T-shirt, and it wouldn’t rinse out at all. I used the stain stick and it came out of the wash spiffy clean!

~ Lisa R., Deland, FL ~

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“Soooo, your cleaners are the only ones that keep our guinea pig case smelling good! Once a week we clean the cage with your lavender cleaner and the cage does not stink at all. Is it the enzymes? Essential oils? I don’t know, but even bleach does not do that. Our happy piggie is in the living room with us. He loves being around people. We love not having to stick him in the back room!”

~ Leah B., Florida ~

I love the laundry soap I recently purchased from tangie. It worked great and left no artificial so called “mountain fresh” scent that is frankly offensive to my nose. Thank you Angie for putting out a product that works and is not offensive to use like alot of the commercial laundry soaps.

~ Elly M.~

You have opened my mind, and made me wake up to the fact that we all need to do our part. We are all beautiful in this world and need the world to always be here for us. Thanks Angie!

~ Robin N. – Florida ~

I love the laundry detergent sooooo much. Everyone in my household has really sensitive skin, so that, on top of being a tree hugger myself, takes this product to the top of my list. I already make my own laundry detergent, but I’d use this over mine any day. My husband has a real laborious job that gets his clothes NASTY, covered in sawdust & chemicals, but this stuff cleans them right up. I can’t say enough about it. Try it yourself, and you’ll see!!!

~ Michelle Osborne, New Mexico ~

I just received Orange scented Bathroom cleaner and couldn’t wait to try it. So, I sprayed it on the shower walls while I prepared to shower. I wiped the walls and the smelled was so refreshing and clean. Later, my husband asked what smelled so good. He was in our living room. To my surprise he said it smelled like oranges. Needless to say, the smell was great but, not to strong or over-powering and it cleaned the shower wall beautifully…thanks Angie.

~ Brenda Lynch – Alabama ~

MARIANNE SAYS: “Did you know your ilovetangie.com All-Purpose Lemon cleaner is killing the sugar ant problem in my kitchen? It’s really helping!” ANGIE REPLIES: “Wow, that’s great, I’ve never heard that before , thanks for telling me!” ~ HUGEST SMILE ~ end scene.

Doing laundry for seven, four of them kids, was a true test of the strength and cleaning ability of the Tangie liquid concentrated laundry soap. Not only did the clothes come out super clean, they also felt softer than before. I’ve been able to stop using dryer sheets. I love saving the money and not having to use harsh chemicals. I LOVE TANGIE!

~ Rose, Lake Mary, FL ~

I own a business and I continuously have to wash towels on a daily basis and appreciate that Tangie products work every time. The added bonus is that there is NO need for fabric softener because the laundry detergent is a 2-in-1….great idea!

~ Business Owner  – Florida ~

I want to rave about the All Purpose Lemon spray you make.  I have a daughter with Crohn’s disease and because of that, she has a compromised immune system.  This stuff is great!! We have cats and dogs. I spray this stuff everywhere and it leaves me with piece of mind that all the bad things are gone now without harming us or the environment :)) Especially counter tops, door knobs, doors, bathroom sinks, toilets, etc. just about everything and it leaves the house smelling so good!! Additionally, I need to praise the bathroom cleaner!! IT WORKS!! Leaves the bathroom cleaner and smelling good. Knowing I am doing the environment and my family good by using it is even better :) I have glass doors in my shower that this product wipes off clean as well as the ring around the toilet.

Thank you so much for creating these products!!

~ Sincerely, The Toker Family <3 (North Carolina) ~

“I’ve been using Tangie products about 3 months, and my house has never felt cleaner and smells terrific too! I also like knowing there are no harsh chemicals or additives that can hurt my family. I will continue to use Tangie products….I am VERY HAPPY with them!”

~ L. Dean –  Florida ~

I have always been a liquid soap user.  Never liking how bar soap made me feel not to mention the soap scum it always left behind.  Your bar soap not only smells delightful without even being scented but leaves your skin soft and clean, no residue in the shower or on your skin and the bar doesn’t drip away in the shower lol. Thank you for making such a wonderful bar soap that the whole family can enjoy.

~ M. Wilson, USA ~

Tangie Stain Remover Bar  This natural stain remover is made with coconut oil, grapeseed oil, soap nuts liquid, oxalic acid, sea salt, citric acid, lemon essential oil and love. This product is tough on stains but gentle on the environment. My youngest daughter loves to wear ballet pink but loves to play tag, football, basketball, soccer, etc. at recess. This results in stains every day so this product has been vigorously tested and has passed with flying colors.

– See more at: http://mygreenside.org/?p=7300#sthash.f1DKYmRL.dpuf